Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Eye ConditionsHere at Pompton Eye And Vision Care, we specialize in helping our patients who have amblyopia.

Amblyopia is also known as “lazy eye.” Amblyopia usually exhibits in infants and typically only affects one of the eyes.

About two to three percent of people in the United States suffer from some form of amblyopia.

As with most diseases, the earlier amblyopia is detected, the better. Because of this, it is really important to have your eyes checked on a regular basis.

One big sign of amblyopia is being crossed eyed. If you or your child is experiencing this, make sure that you book an appointment with your eye doctor right away. Another common symptom is being able to see properly only out of one eye.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important to make an appointment. Our trusted and qualified staff will perform an examination.

If you are diagnosed with amblyopia, there are lots of treatment options available. Many people have some success with glasses and contacts, though we also offer vision therapy which can be really helpful.

Improvements are possible at any age. Many people do not realize that there are treatments that can help amblyopia.

If you have any questions about amblyopia or the services we can provide to help this, contact us today at (973) 835-7000.


Here at Pompton Eye And Vision Care, we are here for our patients who are suffering from blepharitis.

Blepharitis can be quite common. It is eyelid inflammation often caused by a bacterial eye infection. Patients who suffer from dry eye and skin conditions such as acne rosacea are more likely to be affected by blepharitis at some point in their lives.

Symptoms of blepharitis can include burning, tearing, irritation, itching, and many others. Many sufferers feel like they have a foreign body in their eye and are constantly itching it.

Treatment starts with a cleaning of the eyelid. There are many over-the-counter scrubs that we recommend. You may also need topical or oral medications, depending on the severity and location of the disease. If you have a bacterial infection, the most commonly prescribed medication is an antibiotic ointment. There are also times when will we talk about your nutrition. Omega-3 fatty acids can really help with the lubrication of your eyes.

If you have any questions about blepharitis or think you may have it, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (973) 835-7000.


Cataracts are a leading cause of vision issues for people over 40 and are one of the main causes of blindness. A cataract is a clouding of the eye, specifically in the eye’s lens behind the pupil, caused by proteins clumping together. There are different kinds of cataracts, and they can have different causes. Aging or other medical conditions can contribute to the development of cataracts in your eyes.

Cataracts can start small and develop slowly. It may not even be noticeable at first, or you may notice a slight blur to your vision. You may only notice symptoms when looking at bright lights. Cataracts can continue to worsen, and you may only feel the effects once it is well developed.

There are many conditions or factors that can lead to cataracts. Regular eye exams and consultations with your optometrist are the best method of identifying cataracts. If cataracts has developed in your eyes, cataract surgery may be helpful to restore your vision. The surgery is generally successful and the clouded lens can be removed. If you may have cataracts, contact us at (973) 835-7000 today to discuss your options with our optometrists.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a relatively new term within the optometry field and refers to eye problems associated with the prolonged use of computers and electronics that use a digital screen. Although it can be temporary, there are times when computer vision can strain the eyes to a degree that permanently affects your vision as well. An existing eye condition can worsen as the eyes try to focus and adjust to a computer screen and precautions should be taken if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen. Some people with an astigmatism will feel completely normal until they get in front of a computer and the condition seems to come back into play. Just as some people use glasses for driving at night there are glasses specifically designed for use with a computer.

Simple factors, such as proper lighting and posture, can make a big difference. Most people don’t realize how hard their eyes are working in front of a computer screen and preventive measures may sound obvious but are frequently overlooked or ignored. Adjusting the screen resolution or checking the brightness and contrast can instantly ease the tension on your eyes. Double check the screen settings for your computer and take breaks if you spend long hours in front of the computer as well. If you have been experiencing blurry vision, dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, neck or back pain, try adjusting the lighting, posture, and the distance in front of your computer screen. If computer vision symptoms persist, call us to set up a consultation and we can do a full diagnosis. We will evaluate the best method in treating your digital eye strain so computer vision does not become an ongoing issue and lead to a bigger eye problem. This eye condition is quite common so don’t hesitate to take the proper steps to improve your vision today.

Dry Eye

Here at Pompton Eye And Vision Care, we are proud to offer dry eye treatment for our patients.

To keep your eyes healthy, you need to have tears to provide moisture and lubrication. This is not only for your comfort, but it helps with your vision. Tears are secreted by glands around your eyes. When you do not make enough tears, you have a condition called dry eyes.

There is no cure for dry eye. Instead, we have ways to make you more comfortable. There is a product called artificial tears. This comes in drops and ointments. Depending on your needs, one may work better for you.

We also perform temporary and non-dissolving punctal plugs. These are used to close the ducts that help with the overflow of tears. If you stop the tears from draining out of your eye, you will have more tears in your eyes. We start with a temporary one to see if it is going to help before trying a more permanent arrangement.

If necessary, we may also prescribe a medication for chronic dry eyes. We may also talk to you about other medications and your nutrition. Many supplements have been helpful for patients with dry eye.

If you have any question about dry eye or would like to be seen, please contact us today at (973) 835-7000.


Here at Pompton Eye And Vision Care, we specialize in helping patients who suffer from strabismus.

Strabismus is also known as being “crossed eye.” People of all ages can be affected by the disease. It happens as a result of having poor eye muscle control or a bad case of farsightedness.

There are six muscles that attach to each of your eyes, and they control the movement of the eyes. These muscles get signals from the brain that lets them know which way to make the eye look. Typically, the eyes work together. However, in the case of strabismus, the eyes do not work together. There are times when one eye will turn in a different direction.

Proper eye alignment is very important so that you are not seeing double. When one eye moves independently, the brain sees two different images which can be very confusing. Over time, the brain learns to ignore the turning eye and just focuses on the vision coming from the eye that is working correctly.

When strabismus is left untreated, it can actually lead to permanently reduced vision in one of the eyes. This is why it is so important to see your eye doctor if you are feeling any of these symptoms.

We have many different treatment options available. Some of these include wearing eyeglasses, prisms, or contacts. We also provide vision therapy as well as eye muscle surgery.

If you have any questions about the services we provide for those who suffer from strabismus, contact us today at (973) 835-7000.